Edelman’s public affairs team is comprised of professionals who have worked on some of the biggest political, issue and public reputation campaigns of the last three decades. From Capitol Hill and White House veterans to data experts and former journalists, our team has been at the forefront of storytelling, news-making and stakeholder engagement. With a public affairs network spanning 65 global offices and 30 international affiliates, we know how to simplify complex issues in any environment to win policy fights and ultimately promote and protect our clients’ reputations. We bring our experience and diverse, industry-leading backgrounds to the table every day. We are built for purpose and designed to win.

Washington, D.C.

  • Aaron Guiterman
    Aaron Guiterman Senior Advisor, U.S. Digital Public Affairs Strategy
  • Courtney Gray Haupt
    Courtney Gray Haupt General Manager, Sectors & Healthcare
  • Darci Vetter
    Darci Vetter Global Lead, Public Affairs & Vice Chair, Agriculture, Food
  • Darrin Kayser
    Darrin Kayser Senior Vice President, Energy
  • Edward Cafiero
    Edward Cafiero Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Political Strategy
  • Jere Sullivan
    Jere Sullivan Vice Chairman, Global Public Affairs, Trade and Technology
  • Joe Abbey
    Joe Abbey Senior Vice President, Healthcare
  • Josh Rontal
    Josh Rontal Vice President, Healthcare
  • Julie Carney
    Julie Carney Senior Vice President, Community Engagement & Coalitions
  • Kari Butcher
    Kari Butcher Executive Vice President, Head of Research, Edelman Intelligence
  • Lindsay Walters
    Lindsay Walters Vice President, U.S. Public Affairs
  • Lisa Ross
    Lisa Ross President, Washington, D.C.
  • Matt Streit
    Matt Streit Senior Vice President, Digital & Public Affairs
  • Pearson Cummings
    Pearson Cummings Senior Vice President, Technology Policy and Public Affairs
  • Rob Rehg
    Rob Rehg Chairman, US Public Affairs


  • Aaron McLear
    Aaron McLear U.S. Chair, Public Affairs
  • Christi Black-Davis
    Christi Black-Davis Executive Vice President, Corporate & Public Affairs
  • Jason Levin
    Jason Levin Vice President, Public Affairs and Crisis
  • Joaquin McPeek
    Joaquin McPeek Vice President, Corporate & Public Affairs
  • Kierstan DeLong
    Kierstan DeLong Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Issues Management
  • Lee Alman
    Lee Alman Executive Vice President, US Corporate and Public Affairs


  • Ana Zenatti
    Ana Zenatti Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
  • Andrea Hagelgans
    Andrea Hagelgans Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate and Public Affairs
  • Carly Sullivan
    Carly Sullivan Vice President
  • David Whiting
    David Whiting Senior Vice President, Corporate and Public Affairs
  • Lauren Gray
    Lauren Gray Vice President, Public Affairs and Advocacy
  • Janine Brady
    Janine Brady Vice President


  • Andrew Moyer
    Andrew Moyer Senior Vice President, Crisis and US Public Affairs
  • Chuck Kaiser
    Chuck Kaiser General Manager, US Public Affairs

South Region

  • Anne MacDonald
    Anne MacDonald Executive Vice President and Senior Policy Strategist, U.S. Public Affairs
  • Steven Behm
    Steven Behm Regional President, US Public Affairs

Pacific Northwest

  • Kent Hollenbeck
    Kent Hollenbeck Deputy General Manager, Executive Vice President, Corporate
  • Liz Larter
    Liz Larter Senior Vice President, Head of Public Affairs

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